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Race & Performance Torque Converters in Asheville, North Carolina

Our shop in Asheville, North Carolina, incorporates specialty engineering and design strategies that maintains your vehicle power as multiplied by our torque converter. All designs are customized to accommodate your need for quicker launches, faster acceleration, or low-end torque. For the torque converter best suited for your application please request information from or call R & R Torque Converters at (855) 507-6375.

Performance Converters
We are the home of the most efficient torque converters. Because we custom design our converters for specific applications, we guarantee that the stall speed will be set on point or we will redo it once for free.

Billet Race Converters
R & R Torque Converters provides billet converters in 8-inch, 9-inch, 9 1/2-inch, and 10 1/4-inch sizes custom built for every popular transmission. They can be stalled from 1500 to 7500 RPM true stall.

The General, Race Converters in Asheville, NC

Billet converters come with 3 high performance race bearings and a double anti-balloon plate. Also, they are furnace braised, and the fins are TIG Welded, making them the most durable torque converters available. You can rest assured that our converter withstands the most extreme conditions, including Nitrous, Blower, and Turbo Applications.

Diesel Triple Billet Converters
Our DTB converters come with a billet cover, heavy-duty bearings, single or triple disk clutch, and are furnace braised. They are designed with custom stall configuration specific to your application, and they are capable of withstanding loads equal to 2,000 horse power.

Industrial Torque Converters Rebuilt 
Although original manufacturers' costs sometimes exceed $3,000, we are able to rebuild your torques to OEM specs for a fraction of that price. Service includes a 3-day turnaround.

Use our performance torque converters to give your ride the extra performance you want.