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Performance Torque Converters in Asheville, North Carolina

Decrease your E.T. and increase your speed with bolt on performance from R & R Torque Converters of Asheville, North Carolina. We specialize in designing and building the most radically reliable torque converters for street, strip and tow applications.

Special Offer, Performance Auto Parts in Asheville, NC

First we consider the vehicles dynamics and your driving habits. Next, we choose a core to accommodate your project budget. Then, every converter receives the highest quality components. Finally, the unit is custom  built to maximize the performance in conjunction to your vehicles specifications.

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We have been in business for 40 years and our quality service to the transmission repair industry has allowed us to expound upon the latest design concepts from every Auto Company's Engineering Team. At R & R, our performance converters efficiency rating separates us from the competition; Ultimately making you the winner!


Special Services for You
To better serve customers like you, we have expanded our product services to include refresh and re-stall of every make and manufactures converter. Also, we specialize in the market's most difficult converters to rebuild. For example, we perform complete rebuilds on BMW's Captive Clutch System ultimately saving you the expense of buying a new unit. Additionally, we have developed build procedures that cure the "Judder Syndrome" in the Mercedes Benz Converters. We also have the capacity to rebuild industrial converters for the forklift and backhoe. In a simple statement, "We have the experience to rebuild any make or manufactures torque converter." 

Based upon our ability to utilize technological advances from the O.E.M Domestic Car Market to the performance industry, and continued education, we are the most technologically advanced builder for all your needs. Request more information about our products or services now. 

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